Instruments for Monitoring our Environment
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MiniMet Maintenance & calibration Weather Station Training Sensors Rainfall ARG 100 Raingauge 4-20mA Raingauge Rainew Raingauge Baseplate Assembly Wind A100R Anemometer Vector anti-icing heater W200P/D1 Windvane Windsonic WSS2 Combined RH & Air Temperature RHT+ Light Pyranometer or other single channel light sensor Air Pressure Barometer Soil Temperature Soil Temperature Evaporation Pan & Gauge Evaporation Pan Evaporation Gauge GPRS GPRS Remote Comms Unit GPRS Remote Comms Unit with SD Storage GPRS Extra Notes GSM (CSD System) Fitting a silica gel pack GSM with TC35iT Modem TC35iT installation & programming Masts and Installation 10m Mast installation Assembly of mast sections 3m wall mount 4m wall mount Handrail fixing T&K wall mounts Installation location Installation Manual including GSM/GPRS Line Modem (CSD systems only) ModLink Modem Controller Power Supplies MainsHog MainsHog with Signal Boosters 10 watt solar power system MainsHog with Signal Boosters wiring SolarHog RS232 cable wiring Solar Hog Software      Compatible with all versions of Windows          SkyeLynx Comms (FOC) SkyeLynx Comms            DHLC1 Setup Utility                         Instructions          AWSET      Awset 3 Awset Setup DHSU/Weather Display Weather Display Live Compatible with Windows versions up and including XP SkyeLynx Auto SkyeLynx Auto SkyeLynx Deluxe SkyeLynx Deluxe Data Summaries Graphing a Windrose How to draw graphs SkyeLynx Standard (FOC) SkyeLynx Standard WizzCom (FOC) Wizzcom Quickstart for software Software Licence Agreement